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Flower Essences - Harnessing The Healing Properties


Flower Essences are usually prepared from wildflowers or beautiful garden blossoms in a bowl of pure water, which is then further diluted and potentized and preserved with brandy. Flower essences are believed to work because of the life force of the particular plant as combined in the water. The flower essence itself is vibrational in nature, which embodies the specific energetic pattern of each flower. The flower essence does not interact with one's body on a physical level - the essence works through the unseen human energy fields. The flower essence is able to balance or assist a person's mental, emotional and physical well being.

Unlike pharmaceuticals which cause biochemical and/or neurochemical changes in the body, flower essences gently suggest a balance in the energetic body. Flower essences should never be used in place of conventional medical diagnosis and treatment, but can be a wonderful adjunct to traditional medical care.

Flower essences used as remedies were developed by conventionally-trained physician, Dr. Edward Bach, who was very sensitive to the emotional and spiritual imbalances of his patients. He became a practicing homeopath, and by the 1930s developed a system of remedies made from wildflowers. Briefly and simply put, he developed great knowledge of the subtle energetics of wildflowers and how they correlate to the human state of mind. Dr. Bach was of the opinion that unbalanced emotions and attitudes have a negative impact on health. Bach has identified 7 groups from which disease springs: Fear, Uncertainty, Insufficient Interest in the Present, Loneliness, Oversensitivity to External Influences and Ideas, Despondency/Despair, and Overcaring for Others.

Flower Essences can be utilized as a way to take care of oneself. The use of these remedies can be self directed, as there are many books and self inventories available. Flower essences as remedies are very subtle – if one is acutely ill, not functioning or in pain - as mentioned above - the remedies should not be used in place of conventional or emergency care.

Flower Essences are available for use in small dropper bottles. 4-6 drops of an essence can be placed in a small amount of pure water and ingested 4-6 times daily. The essences can also be applied directly onto a person's skin, or pulse point if preferred. Use of flower essences while doing other kinds of self-improvement work, be it psychotherapy, meditation, or eating well can support personal growth and happiness.

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